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Our EcoNova Windows,
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First in Canada to have manufactured PVC Windows!

Laflamme Portes et Fenêtres Corp. was founded in 1950 by the brothers Armand and Rosaire Laflamme. Nowadays the company employs over 400 people. The company originally manufactured all kinds of wood products but gradually specialized in the manufacturing of doors and windows, and now ranks among the largest manufacturers in Eastern Canada.

The company has more than 1200 active customers, both dealers and contractors, and sells its products both on the construction and renovation markets. The company can rely on an impressive sales network.

The Network

Laflamme has 525 dealers in Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. Since 2004 controlling interests in LAFLAMME Portes et Fenêtres Corp. have been held by ATIS Group, the largest door and window manufacturer group in Canada with over $200 million in revenue, more than 880,000 square-foot area of plants and stores, over 1400 employees, 250 sales representatives and 350 door and window installers.

A style of your own

Whatever the nature of your project, Laflamme has a wide range of products to suit your needs. Consult your retailer to see all the options we offer. Whether for a new house or the replacement of your doors and windows, Laflamme offers you a great choice of products as well as the flexibility that will allow you to carry out your project without constraints.



Discover our new EcoNova window. This innovative window stands out thanks to both its energy efficiency and structural attributes.
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EcoNova Hybrid Windows

The new EcoNova hybrid windows we developed in accordance with the new, increasingly stringent industry standards.

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The only steel doors built to withstand rain and wind, even at over 89 km/hr.
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