Laflamme Aluminum Windows

Features and Benefits: 

  • Available in combined or fixed models
  • Custom Sizes: no obligation to choose from standard sizes
  • Single or Double Sealed Glass
  • 165 mm (6½"), 190 mm (7½") and 216 mm (8½") Insulated Frames
  • Interior and Exterior Extruded Aluminium Frame with baked-on enamel in Standard White No. K1285 or Brown No. K7390 with the possibility of different interior and exterior finishes
  • Two Series of Sashes with independent locks for increased safety. Sashes are of the same size, which makes them interchangeable if a window breaks.
  • 3 mm Standard Clear Glass or Double Sealed Glass
  • Low-E Thermal Glass also available
  • Indirect Ventilation for rainy days


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Rebate Program


Save Money, Fight Climate Change with Ontario's GreenOn energy saving renovation program.
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Discover our new EcoNova window. This innovative window stands out thanks to both its energy efficiency and structural attributes.
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EcoNova Hybrid Windows

The new EcoNova hybrid windows we developed in accordance with the new, increasingly stringent industry standards.

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The only steel doors built to withstand rain and wind, even at over 89 km/hr.
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