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Laflamme Energy Star Certified WindowsENERGY STAR is the international symbol of excellence in terms of energy efficiency.
Laflamme offers doors and windows which compliance to the Energy Star programme was tested.

In practical terms, Laflamme’s ENERGY STAR certified products offer:

Energy efficiency allowing you to save up to 10% every year in heating costs: considering that heating cost usually represents 50% of your electricity bill, this can mean a very interesting saving! Products that meet the standards of a greater number of zones will provide greater energy efficiency.

In Canada windows’ performance is tested according to the CSA A-440 standard (from the Canadian Standards Association). This standard establishes which materials must be used in the manufacturing of windows as well as certain properties of those materials, including their thickness, hardness and durability. In order to guide consumers, windows’ performance must be tested to ensure it meets minimal quality standards. Laflamme’s products are tested according to the CSA A-440 standard.

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To obtain more information on ENERGY STAR products:
Montreal Region: 514 ÉNERGIE (363-7443)
Elsewhere in Quebec: 1 800 ÉNERGIE

Hydro Québec Web site, "ENERGY STAR" section

Consult the ENERGY STAR Canada site



Discover our new EcoNova window. This innovative window stands out thanks to both its energy efficiency and structural attributes.
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EcoNova Hybrid Windows

The new EcoNova hybrid windows we developed in accordance with the new, increasingly stringent industry standards.

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The only steel doors built to withstand rain and wind, even at over 89 km/hr.
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