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First in Canada to have manufactured PVC Windows!

LAFLAMME was the first major Canadian window manufacturer to offer PVC windows and patio doors. Unlike other materials PVC is virtually maintenance-free. It requires no painting and is energy-efficient, sealing your home against any kind of weather. Our state-of-the-art technology is a guarantee of increased sturdiness, heat and fading resistance, and better protection against ultraviolet rays. This explains why Laflamme products have been the choice of homeowners, builders and architects for more than 65 years.

All LAFLAMME products are made from UPVC vinyl. But true beauty is more than skin deep. Inside each LAFLAMME window or door you’ll find a variety of innovative features to perfectly merge the aesthetic with the functional. Multichamber frames eliminate uncontrolled expansion and contraction and provide superior insulation. A pressure-equalized drainage system channels water away from the interior of the window or door. Fusion welding fuses the corners of the window together, making a rigid structure that will stand up to virtually anything.

Our devotion to cutting-edge window and door technology means you enjoy products that exceed your expectations and will guarantee you peace of mind for years to come.

Imagine windows that don't leak or let in the cold; doors that don't warp in extreme heat or wet climates. Your home will always be comfortable in windy, rainy, snowy, or sunny conditions.


LAFLAMME windows are offered in various durable colours. Our unique process bonds colour to the UPVC vinyl at a molecular level, ensuring stable, vibrant colour that does not fade over the years. Plus the colour coating is heat-cured for a smooth finish that resists abrasions, impacts, weathering, and fading under intense sun or weather conditions.

24 Standard colours are available with the possibility of matching any other colour sample.

Colour chart

* The colours shown may differ from actual colours and should only be used for project purposes.


Decorative grilles and SDL for windowsOur Georgian-style grilles add beauty to your windows while making them easy to clean and maintain.

For the ultimate in elegance, choose a pencil bar grille from our range of colours and patterns. If you want to change your home’s character, choose a removable vinyl grille.

Round out your homes appeal with a 7/8, 1 1/4, or 2” simulated divided lite (SDL). Available in a wide range of attractive designs depending on your windows, simulated divided lites (SDL) will give your home a unique look and make it more energy-efficient.



Discover our new EcoNova window. This innovative window stands out thanks to both its energy efficiency and structural attributes.
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EcoNova Hybrid Windows

The new EcoNova hybrid windows we developed in accordance with the new, increasingly stringent industry standards.

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Each door is made individually, with care, by renowned craftsmen and our skilled workers. Laflamme doors are waterproof, stylish and durable.
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