Soundproof Windows

Sound-Blocking Glass

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Even in the Noisy City!

Does your world seem to get noisier every day? Oasis+ glass substantially reduces undesirable noise from the outside particularly for houses or buildings in close proximity to areas of high traffic, industry, airports and other sources of noise. Oasis+ glass increases a window’s STC rating, thereby reducing noise transfer.

*The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has developed a rating system to evaluate a material's ability to resist the transfer of airborne sound. The higher the STC rating, the more effective the sound-proofing.

Properties of the Oasis+ Glass

The  Oasis+  is made up of two glass panes : one of 6 mm thick and one of 3 mm thick. Also the Oasis+ Ultra is made up of two glass panes: one double pane (two glasses of 3 mm thick each) held in place by an interlayer for a total thickness of 6 mm, and a second pane of 3 mm thick.



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EcoNova Hybrid Windows

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Each door is made individually, with care, by renowned craftsmen and our skilled workers. Laflamme doors are waterproof, stylish and durable.
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