Laflamme Casement Wood Windows

All our wood casement and awning windows have the following basic features:

  • Sturdy and Durable Hardware
  • Sash opening 90° for easy cleaning from inside
  • Warmedge Glazing Unit
  • 1 ¾’’ Wood Sash
  • Structural Frame 4 3/4’’ (natural) - 5 ¾" (aluminium)
  • Clear Finger-jointed Pine for easy painting
  • All our wood products are made with factory-dried treated wood. Our wood is also crystallized to avoid sap leakage.

Our wood casement and awning windows are available in two styles:

  • All Wood
  • Interior: Wood / Exterior: Aluminium Extrusion

Options :

**Professional indoor and outdoor staining services now available.


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Discover our new EcoNova window. This innovative window stands out thanks to both its energy efficiency and structural attributes.
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EcoNova Hybrid Windows

The new EcoNova hybrid windows we developed in accordance with the new, increasingly stringent industry standards.

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The only steel doors built to withstand rain and wind, even at over 89 km/hr.
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